Royal Doulton Jugs - 7th Edition

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The 7th edition of the Royal Doulton Jugs by Jean Dale has been released. The 512 pages of introduction, listings and indices carry the most up-to-date information and pricing needed by collectors to manage their collections.
The black and white page count has remained constant with the 7th edition. This was accomplished by carrying forward from the 6th edition, the two listings per page format into the Loving Cups chapter, allowing for the new additions without expansion.

What will be a plus to the collector is that the number of 4-colour pages has doubled in the 7th edition. There are now 32 pages of colour illustrating different series, types and colourways of the toby and character jugs series.

The new issues of 2002 and 2003 have been added, with each listing providing the name of the jug, the series to which it belongs, the designer, size, dates of issue and discontinuation, handle design, variations and colourways, backstamps, and current prices for the U.K., U.S. and Canadian markets. Information on the Royal Doulton Collectors Club, Doulton Dealers, Auctions and Fairs has been updated for 2003.

In the late 1960s Royal Doulton experimented with a new body slip, English Translucent China (ETC) for jug production in lieu of earthenware (EW). One of the concepts was a better reproduction of features and detail. The new composition did not perform as hoped and was discontinued in 1971. As a result we have an approximate four year window in which you can have two compositions for the same jug. We have listed and priced all the known variations of these two compositions. Another listing is noted but not priced, that of the white jugs. Jugs that are not painted but received only a white glaze on the earthenware body. There are well over 50 different varieties of white jugs found so far.

Prices have firmed slightly since the 6th edition was released, with some of the scarce jugs inching towards new highs. The Clark Gable character jugs issued for a short time in 1984, sold on e-Bay in March 2003, in excess of $5,000 U.S.F., against a previous catalogue price of $4,800. U.S.F.

Included in the new 7th edition is a chapter on Teapots. Teapots have long been listed in the Jugs book as derivatives, such as Tony Weller, Sairey Gamp, etc., so with the advent of Royal Doulton's new release of eight new teapot designs, we created a chapter for these items and all their supporting information.

7th Edition
Author: Jean Dale
Editor: W. K. Cross
Release Date: April 2003
544 pages
ISBN 0-88968-280-1

Condition: brand new