Beswick Collectables - 9th Edition

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Beswick Collectables: A Charlton Standard was released September 1st, 2005, and is a continuation from Royal Doulton Beswick Storybook Figurines, 8th edition.

Beswick Collectables is divided into seven chapters: Storybook Characters, Cartoon and Film Characters, Miscellaneous Characters, Animal Fun, Figures, Dickens Ware and Character and Toby Jugs.

Beswick Collectables is a compilation of all storybook, cartoon and film characters produced by the John Beswick Studio. Here the collector will find a lineup of characters from many charming and whimsical series such as Alice in Wonderland, Beatrix Potter, Paddinton Bear and many Disney films and cartoons. Also, there are the creatures from David Hand¡¯s Animaland, English Country Folk, Hippos on Holiday and the Footballing Felines. Along with the traditional storybook series readers are now able to explore figures from Animal Fun, Monkey Band, Penguin Family, Bush Babies, Cats Chorus, Kitty McBride¡¯s Happy Mice, and much, much more.

The Beswick figurines removed from Royal Doulton Beswick Figurines, 6th edition, and the Beswick character and toby jugs removed from the 5th edition of Royal Doulton Beswick Jugs, have found a new home in Beswick Collectables.

Pricing in four currencies, U.K. pounds sterling, U.S., Canadian and Australian dollars, has been update to reflect current market values. Thirty-two colour pages, in four eight-page sections are disbursed throughout the book. The first two sections are devoted to the figures of Beatrix Potter, the third to figures from Storybook Characters, Cartoon and Film Characters and Miscellaneous Characters, and the fourth to the early rarely seen figures produced by the John Beswick Studio, including Beswick Hummels, plus Dickens Ware, Character and Toby Jugs.

Beswick Collectables is an informative and valuable reference tool with which the Beswick collector may assemble a rewarding collection.

9th Edition
Author: Callow, Callow, Corley
Editor: Jean Dale
Release Date: September 1st, 200
312 pages
ISBN 9780889682986

Condition: brand new