Royal Doulton Animals - 4th Edition

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The fascination for animal statues stretches back thousands of years. We have collected them in many different forms from enormous models guarding out historic buildings to garden ornaments and clothesline finials, and miniature figures that adorn pot holders and bibelots. The collectability of animal figures is never more emphasized than in the Doulton range, which spans over a hundred years.

The 4th edition of Royal Doulton Animals, A Charlton Standard Catalogue, was released February 8th, 2005 in North America, and February 22nd, in the United Kingdom. The new catalogue contains 440 pages which include an introduction, listings for all animals, an index, plus a dealer’s advertising section. Throughout the main section of the catalogue are 32 colour plates, in four eight-page sections illustrating the versatile range of Doulton’s animal figures.

The catalogue lists and prices the early stoneware figures of Mark Marshall, Leslie Harradine, and of course, the most famous modeler of animal figures, George Tinworth, whose models show no signs of slowing in the upward pricing of his ever-so-popular figures.

The more popular animals - horses, dogs, and cats, and in that order, all show price increases. The popularity is further underlined by Royal Doulton’s release of a new RDA Series of these collectable animals.

2004 saw the continuation of the Chinese Zodiac flambé series with the introduction of the Suzhou Monkey, which is also part of the Burslem Artwares series. What may turn out to be the most interesting addition to the animal range is the Frog and Mouse Chess Set, issued in a limited edition of fifty, and modelled after George Tinworth’s Mice Chess set, of late nineteenth century fame.

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4th Edition
Author: Jean Dale
Editor: W. K. Cross
Release Date: February 2005
512 pages
ISBN 0-88968-295-X

Condition: brand new