Royal Doulton Figurines - 10th Edition

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The demand for pricing information continued very strong in 2004. On-line auctions lead by the growth of eBay around the world, resulted in a sell out of the 9th edition of Royal Doulton Figurines in a little over six months, a very strong market exists for Royal Doulton figurines.

Now on an annual frequency, the Charlton Press’s catalogue Royal Doulton Figurines has been firmly entrenched as ‘the price guide.’ The 10th edition will be released in North America January 21st, 2005, and in the United Kingdom February 4th, 2005. The latest edition has 552 pages, covering 520 pages of text (all revised and updated to include the latest releases for 2005) and 32 colour plates. Over fifty new figurines have been added to the HN Series, including commissioned figures by Pascoe and Company, and Compton & Woodhouse Ltd. Naturally, all the event pieces, Figurine of the Year, Happy Birthday 2005, and Club figures are listed for 2004 and 2005.

Again, the on-line auctions have played a major role in the Royal Doulton Market. During December 2004, the number of items offered daily on eBay exceeded 10,000 different pieces manufactured by Royal Doulton, this is a new high, growing from a few thousand in 2000, and underlines the growth in the collectable e-Commerce market. Land auctions have existed for over a hundred years, but never one this size. Auctions are wholesale markets and the collector must remember this when viewing Guide prices versus on-line auction results.

New releases, discontinuation dates and up-to-date pricing have been revised for 2005, resulting in a truly current edition of Royal Doulton Figurines that every collector must have.

New additions and series include The Best of the Classics (7 pieces), Chic Trends (4 pieces)The Petite Collection (13 pieces), and The Sensual Collection (4 pieces).

10th Edition
Author: Jean Dale
Editor: W. K. Cross
Release Date: January 2005
ISBN 0-88968-291-7